The Oasis Guide to Commercial Ovens

The ‘Oasis Buying Guide to Ovens’ should help you to understand the different types of commercial oven available, and which one is appropriate to suit your needs. Ovens differ depending on the method of heating they use and we know that finding the right commercial oven for your kitchen can be difficult. We can work with you to help find the right equipment, for your space, budget and exactly what you want to prepare! If you need any help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

This buying guide is going to look at the various types of commercial oven including combination ovens, convection ovens, dual fuel ovens & ranges, electric ovens & ranges, multi-cook ovens, pizza ovens, gas ovens and accelerated cooking machines. Each of these types of oven come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your kitchen. Oasis also supply other types of oven which can be found within our shop here.

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Combination ovens

Combination ovens are powerful machines combining steam and convection technology to produce impressive cooking results. These combi ovens are multifunctional and are designed for everyday use.  Combination ovens save you and your kitchen time.  We have a vast selection of combination ovens from Blue Seal, Convotherm, Falcon, Hobart, Lincat, Rational and Unox.

Key advantages of the combi oven:
– Powerful combination of steam and convection
– Multifunctional

Convection Ovens

A convection oven is actually just a fan-assisted oven, or fan oven.  They use fans to circulate air which distributes heat very evenly.  The fan oven allows a reduction in temperature when cooking.  We supply a full range of commercial convection ovens which are highly versatile cooking machines. 

Using a fan, heat is evenly distributed throughout the cabinet to speed up cooking times and deliver an even, perfectly browned finish.  Our models from leading manufactures including Lincat, Buffalo, Blue Seal Turbofan, Unox and many more. There’s certain to be a commercial convection oven to suit your business and budget.

Key advantages of the convection oven:
– Evenly distributed heat
– Cooking at lower temperatures

Dual Fuel Ovens & Ranges

Commercial dual fuel oven ranges give the user the best of both worlds.  They feature a gas cooktop and an electric oven.  Popular with bakers, with all of the versatility, control and power of open gas hobs and the speed and precision of professional electric ovens

Our professional, dual fuel, oven ranges are manufactured by Blue Seal, Falcon and Lincat and are built to last.

Key advantages of the dual fuel oven:
– Versatile
– Good for bakers

Electric Ovens

An electric oven comes in many forms, for example the electric stove or an electric range – with an integrated electrical heating element to cook. They offer a dry heat and evenly placed heat distribution around the oven. 

Our Electric Ovens and Ranges are from from the leading manufacturers Alto-Shaam, Blue Seal, Falcon, Lincat and Parry.  These commercial ovens range from small four plate models up to large griddle convection ovens.

Key advantages of the electric oven:
– Offers a dry heat
– Great for bakers

Multi-Cook Oven

Multi Cook Ovens are ideal where space is at a premium and you need the flexibility to cook what you want when you want it. They feature a compact 21″ (533mm) footprint and ventless operation, eliminating the need for an exhaust hood.

Multi cook ovens can cook up to four different food items simultaneously – with zero flavor transfer. You can control temperature, fan speed and cook time in each chamber. They eliminate steps in food production and the need for staff to watch and rotate pans.

Key advantages of the multicook oven:
– Good for smaller spaces
–  Cook multiple items in one go

Pizza Ovens

One of our best-loved foods in the UK is definitely pizza.  For time, ease and quick production, we supply a comprehensive range of commercial pizza ovens from single counter top units up to conveyor belt models.

Fired by gas, wood and electricity some models even have a fire brick base for the crisp even cooking of pizza bases.  Our professional premium pizza ovens also have internal illumination and glass viewing windows, making them great for front of house applications as a cooking showpiece. 

Create the perfect pizza with the authentic Italian taste.

Key advantages of the pizza oven:
– Delicious tasting pizza
– Cooked just how you like it

Gas Ovens

Our gas ovens give gourmet chefs the control you need.  With adjustable temperatures, you can be super precise with what you’re cooking.  Gas ovens are hotter than regular ovens, so it’s important you don’t burn the edges on your lasagne. 

We stock a range of commercial gas ovens and ranges from small four burner models, medium ovens with griddle functions and large 8 burner units. These gas cookers are powered by propane or natural gas.

Our industrial gas stoves are built to last and withstand the intensive daily use of a busy kitchen.  Our range of over 120 ovens are from the leading manufacturers including Blue Seal, Buffalo, Falcon, Hobart and Lincat.

Key advantage of the gas oven:
– Hot temperatures
– Industrial & powerful

Accelerated Cooking Machine

Using a powerful combination of microwave, convection, air impingement or contact heating, these ovens can reduce cooking times by up to 20 times. These ovens are incredibly useful for ‘to-go’ food whilst the customer waits. All of these machines are powered by electricity and come in ‘vent free’ options.

These ovens can be programmed to the exact cooking requirements for each item of your menu, and come in a large range of sizes and functions. We are product to stock leading manufacturers such as Electrolux, Lincat, Menumaster, Merrychef, Panasonic and Turbo Chef.

Key advantages of accelerated cooking machines:
– Incredibly fast cooking times
– Can be pre-programmed allowing single touch use