Six Tasty Recipes For Your Restaurant This Halloween

Halloween’s fast approaching! And at Oasis Catering Supplies, we know that eerie edibles are certain to get your customers in the spirit of the season.

Each year in the UK, we celebrate Halloween more than the last. Costumes fly off the shelves, pumpkins surface as early as August and spooky snacks can be found at every supermarket corner. 

The festive season still takes the cake with spending, but Halloween’s a close second. And any holiday is an opportunity for your hospitality setting to make the most out of a trend.

By putting a spin on your classic food options, you could lure in potential new customers wanting to celebrate Halloween. And with seasonal snacks trending daily on social media, you could even find yourself on a Tik Tok explore page.

Here are six terrifyingly tasty (and simple) recipes for you to try this Halloween.

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Oasis Catering Supplies Pop Cakes

Image via Bakerella

Eeerie Eyeball Pops

Prep: 30 Mins, 7 Ingredients

These Eerie Eyeball Pops are portable, delicate and delicious on the go. They’re popular with children, as party favours and in coffee shops and cafes. And the best bit? They use up leftover cake or crumbs to combat food waste.

For this cake recipe, you need a food processor. Take a look at our selection of Food Processors on Oasis Catering Supplies.

Savoury Halloween Pies

Prep: 45 Mins, 8 Ingredients 

If you’re seeking a savoury addition to your lunch menu, these Halloween Pies are perfect. Similar to a traditional sausage roll, you’ll cut out ghoulish faces from the pastry tops for an extra sprinkle of terror. 

For pastry, you need an oven that evenly distributes heat. Take a look at our selection of Combination Ovens on Oasis Catering Supplies. 

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Image via Tesco Real Food

Oasis Catering Supplies Toffee Apple Crumble Recipe

Image via BBC Good Food

Toffee Apple Crumble

Prep: 20 Mins, 13 Ingredients 

Not all Halloween recipes have to appear so. In your restaurant, you might prefer an understated approach. That’s where this Toffee Apple Crumble comes in. It’s comforting, warming and lightly spiced. What screams ‘Halloween’ more than a toffee apple, after all?

For crumble, you need a high quality baking dish. Take a look at our selection of Bakeware on Oasis Catering Supplies.  

Oasis Catering Supplies Spiced Pumpkin Soup

Spiced Pumpkin Soup

Prep: 20 Mins, 10 Ingredients 

Pumpkin’s aren’t just for carving. The days are getting colder, and this Spiced Pumpkin Soup will certainly take your customers’ chill off. The vegan showstopper can be served as a starter or small lunch, inside of a pumpkin for an extra fright.

To serve soup throughout the day, you need a soup kettle. Take a look at our selection of Soup Kettles and Warmers on Oasis Catering Supplies.

Spiced Chocolate Ghost Cake

Prep: 45 Minutes, 21 Ingredients 

This Spiced Chocolate Ghost Cake is the ultimate Halloween showstopper. Combining the flavours of the season, including cinnamon, nutmeg and pumpkin, it’s a decadent treat to be enjoyed alongside a coffee or two.

For this recipe, you need a cake mixer. Take a look at our selection of Cake Mixers on Oasis Catering Supplies. 

Oasis Catering Supplies Poison Apple Cocktail Image

Image via Delish

Poison Apple Cocktails

Prep: 5 Minutes, 6 Ingredients 

Don’t forget your drinks menu! This Poison Apple Cocktail is far from a witches brew. It’s sweet yet tangy, and finished with edible glitter. What’s not to love?

For cocktails, you need a shaker. Take a look at our selection of Cocktail Shakers on Oasis Catering Supplies.

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