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Your ‘Refrigeration’ Buying Guide

Oasis Guide to Refrigeration

The ‘Oasis Buying Guide To Refrigeration’ will help you understand the different types of commercial refrigeration options available, whilst highlighting the appropriate option to suit your needs. 

Refrigerators for commercial organisations tend to be free standing, and vary from reach-in systems, walk-in systems, undercounter systems, merchandiser systems and bar systems. With a huge range of choice, we know that finding your perfect fit can be difficult. But with our expert knowledge, we’re confident that you’ll find the right equipment for your space, budget and operation.

In this buying guide, we’ll highlight the various types of commercial refrigeration available, including blast chillers, cold rooms, display refrigeration, counter and upright fridges and more. Each of these refrigeration systems come in a range of sizes and styles to suit your kitchen’s needs, and our options in their entirety can be found here.

Blast Chillers

Blast Chillers, also known as Shock Freezers, are key in helping you adhere to strict food regulations. By reducing food temperature much faster than standard refrigerators, they ensure your dishes retain taste, texture and nutritional value when cooled.

Invaluable in professional kitchens, our selection of Blast Chillers contain models from Polar, Gram, Foster and more.

Key Advantages;

  • Blast chilling decreases risk of bacteria growth.
  • Streamlines food preparation processes.
  • Locks in your product’s freshness.
Display Fridges

Display Fridges & Freezers

When ‘grab and go’ stock needs to be kept chilled or frozen, a Commercial Display Refrigeration System ensures a perfect serving temperature, whilst attractively merchandising your product to maximise sales.

Ideal for self-service environments, Display Fridges & Freezers work efficiently to keep your product at the correct temperature and within eyeshot of your customers. Designed to seamlessly fit into coffee shops, butchers, delicatessens and sandwich shops, they keep food and drink items stylishly merchandised at all times.

In our collection, we stock standard Display Fridges & Freezers, Multideck Displays and Serve Over Counters from Designline, Foster, Gamko and more.

Key Advantages;

  • Attractive merchandising to maximise sales.
  • User simplicity and efficiency – ‘grab and go’.

Cold Rooms (Walk In Fridges & Freezers)

Cold Rooms, otherwise known as Walk In Fridges & Freezers, are amongst the most efficient methods of holding vast quantities of food. When fitted with appropriate shelving, a Cold Room offers huge potential for efficient stock rotation, ensuring constant ease of access. If you have the space, a cold room is also more cost effective than multiple separate refrigeration systems.

Our selection of reliable Cold Rooms are sourced from leading brands, Polar and Foster.

Key Advantages;

  • Controls moisture to extend the life of your fresh produce.
  • Convenient for busy kitchens.
  • Highly efficient compared to a multi-selection of fridges & freezers.
Wine Cooler

Wine Coolers & Beer Fridges

Wine Coolers & Beer Fridges are used in the hospitality industries to maintain consistent temperatures. The taste and texture of wine, in particular, is only reserved when served at its ideal temperature. Likewise, warm beer won’t meet the high standards your customers expect.

Wine Coolers & Beer Fridges also provide excellent storage solutions for non-alcoholic beverages, served alongside your alcoholic menu. Attractive and efficient, our range of Wine Coolers & Beer Fridges are sourced from Foster, Polar, Williams and more.

Key Advantages;

  • Attractive storage solutions for bars and restaurants.
  • Maintains consistent temperatures, to ensure your alcohol doesn’t spoil.

Counter Fridges & Freezers

Counter Fridges & Freezers provide the ideal refrigeration solution for any commercial kitchen. Merging storage with space, their tops are designed as practical work surfaces so that food preparation can be completed on the counter.

In our collection, we stock Counter Fridges & Freezers from Polar, Gram, Williams and more.

Key Advantages;

  • Multi-use, for fast-paced kitchen environments.
  • Attractively designed, to ‘hide’ within your other appliances.
Undercounter Fridge and Freezer

Undercounter Fridges & Freezers

Undercounter Fridges & Freezers are designed for smaller kitchens, where space-saving practices are a must. Used extensively in commercial kitchens, they’re an excellent way of utlising undercounter space which is often forgotten. Largely made from stainless steel, they’re durable and simple to clean.

In our collection, we stock Undercounter Fridges & Freezers from Polar, Foster, Williams and more.

Key Advantages;

  • Space saving; value square footage isn’t required for installation.
  • Attractively designed, to ‘hide’ within your other appliances.

Prep Counter Fridges

Like Counter Fridges, Prep Counter Fridges combine a vital work area with refrigerated storage. Fit with extra shelving, they offer increased organisation of your kitchen’s ingredients, rapid service and total convenience, for absolute operational efficiency. For many commercial kitchens, they’re an essential tool.

Our selection of reliable Prep Counter Fridges are sourced from leading brands, Foster, Polar and True.

Key Advantages;

  • Provide an organised work area with refrigerated storage.
  • Ensure your ingredient’s freshness, through correct storage measures.
  • Available in multiple configurations to suit your operational needs.
Upright Fridges

Upright Fridges & Freezers

Upright Fridges & Freezers provide the ideal solution in kitchens where floor space is a premium. With hinged doors, they’re more accessible than chest alternatives. And fit with a range of drawers, shelves and racks inside, you can arrange your food products and ingredients as preferred.

Our selection of Upright Fridges & Freezers contain models from Gram, Foster & Polar.

Key Advantages;

  • Convenient organisational storage solution.
  • Space saving alternative to counter solutions, where space is limited.

Chest Freezers

Designed to store frozen food products in massive quanities, Chest Freezers are among the most popular refrigeration solutions. Built with sidewall installation, they’re incredibly economical. And with ample storage, they’re advantageous in larger settings, such as canteens and educational institutions.

In our collection, we stock Chest Freezers from Foster, Gram, Polar and more.

Key Advantages;

  • Energy efficient, with excess insulation to hold colder temperatures.
  • Provides more usable storage space than upright alternatives.

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