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Oasis’ Ultimate Guide To Kitchenware & Tableware

Put down the blunt knife, and step away from the chipped crockery. With Oasis Catering Supplies, update your outdated collection of kitchenware & tableware on a budget.

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From our kitchen to our diner’s table, the equipment we use to prep and serve our dishes is just as vital as the ingredients in it. A sharp knife can lead to a flawless julienne, premium cookware results in even heat conductivity, and stylish tableware is the secret to enhanced taste.

If you’re not sure where to start, leave it to us. At Oasis Catering Supplies, we’ve dug deep through our affordable catalogue of 30,000 products to showcase the best brands in kitchenware & tableware. From Olympia to Arcoroc, here’s what you need!

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Premium cookware is developed from innovative materials, displayed in sleek designs and exciting colours that can breathe new life into your dishes. It needs to look stylish, but remain durable. It should be lightweight, but impervious to wear and tear. And, importantly, it should be functional and adaptable to your needs.

At the heart of our premium cookware, you’ll find Le Creuset and De Buyer.

Established in 1925, Le Creuset is best known for their colourful, cast iron cookware. Crafted by hand and coated in enamel, their products are immensely durable and individual in style.

Our Product Spotlight; Le Creuset Cast Iron Oval Casserole Dish (4.1Lr) – £176.06

Cherished by professional chefs, De Buyer is a staple in premium kitchens. With innovation at the heart of their operation, the French brand is renowned for using carbon steel to produce first-class gastronomy.

Our Product Spotlight; De Buyer Black Iron Frying Pan (240mm) – £31.45

image of victorinox and dick chef knives

Chef’s Knives

High-quality knives are a chef’s most vital instrument. They’re one of the only tools we’re guaranteed to use each time we prepare food, and therefore must be reliable, powerful and made from premium materials. In the midst of a busy dinner service, they’re our sous chefs – imperative at any moment.

At the heart of our premium chef’s knives, you’ll find Victorinox and Dick.

The official supplier of the iconic Swiss Army knife, Victorinox has diversified to become a leader in the manufacture of professional chef’s knives. Using the finest quality steel, the brand creates thinner blades for a cleaner cut.

Our Product Spotlight; Victorinox Fibrox Chef Knife (15cm) – £18.58

Winners of countless awards, Dick’s reputation is matched by none. Founded in 1778, the brand is a world-famous manufacturer of premium quality chef’s knives, famed for their grade and design innovation.

Our Product Spotlight; Dick Superior Chef Knife (20cm) – £42.83

image of olympia kiln and Churchill super vitrified tableware


The right tableware can be show stopping. Aside from serving a practical function, it sets the mood for your diner’s experience. It can express your venue’s style, enhance flavours and elevate presentation. For guests, attractive tableware is now an expectation of a well-rounded experience.

At the heart of our premium tableware, you’ll find Olympia‘s Kiln collection and Churchill‘s Super Vitrified collection.

Olympia’s Kiln range of tableware is inspired by nature. Finished with a reactive glaze, and built with Olympia’s typical strength and durability, the line is earthy, unique and resilient to commercial use.

Our Product Spotlight; Olympia Kiln Round Plate Moss (x4) – £47.91

Established over 200 years ago, Churchill‘s Super Vitrified collection is crafted by a world-leading crockery manufacturer, designed for establishments that require durable yet elegant tableware.

Our Product Spotlight; Churchill Stonecast Plume Olive Cappuccino Cups (x12) – £112.78

Image of arcoroc and Schott zweisel glassware


Your choice of glassware is crucial. Not only is it vital to serve beverages in the right container, it can even attract the curiosity of customers to order a certain menu item. It should be hard-wearing, but attractive, and always made from the finest materials.

At the heart of our premium glassware, you’ll find Arcoroc and Utopia.

Favoured for its durability and comprehensive range, Arcoroc is a long-established, innovative manufacturer of commercial glassware. Constructed from Opal and Zenix, Arcoroc’s products are fully tempered, break and chip resistant.

Our Product Spotlight; Arcoroc Mineral Wine Glasses (270ml x24) – £64.71

Founded in 2000, Utopia is a well-respected brand among catering professionals. Famed for their cost-effective range of glassware, Utopia builds their products from toughened materials and intricate designs.

Our Product Spotlight; Utopia Casablanca Tumblers (200ml x24) – £22.25

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