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Nine Kitchen Essentials Every Chef Needs

Are your knives looking blunt? Have your pots & pans seen better days? Do your utensils need replacing? From premium brands, here are the kitchen essentials you need in your inventory!

Chef cutting vegetables - kitchen essentials

The kitchen industry has fast become a gadget minefield! From avocado slicers to electric spice mills, there’s plenty to explore. But as chefs, you’ll know that the best kitchen tools are often the most simple. 

Depending on your style of cooking, kitchen essentials can vary. But every toolkit, no matter your service size or cuisine, should include a few staples. 

Just as a carpenter requires the right tools, as does a chef! From masterful knives to professional utensils, here’s nine of our top picks.

Chef adding spices to pan - kitchen essentials

Commercial Cookware

The key to a great dish is in the vessel you cook it in. And when it comes to cookware, you should always strive for quality over quantity!

From improved heat conductivity to refined heat response, high-quality cookware is a kitchen essential. And with only a few pieces in tow, you can still create the dish of your dreams. A cookware collection made from a few well-chosen pieces provides both flexibility and performance, after all.

Our Top Picks; 

Matfer Bourgeat Excellence Boiling Pot (17Ltr) – 

Made from hard wearing stainless steel, the Matfer Bourgeat Excellence Boiling Pot is ideal for boiling large quantities. With a 17Ltr capacity, it’s an expert choice for any commercial kitchen, and a reliable addition to your cookware arsenal. 

Vogue Round Cast Iron Skillet Pan (255m) – 

When you’re frying, searing or browning foods, Vogue’s Round Cast Iron Skillet Pan is a kitchen essential. With a large surface area, suitable for use on both induction and gas hobs, it’s excellent at raising and distributing heat evenly.

De Buyer Black Iron Frying Pan (200mm)

A reliable frying pan is the ultimate kitchen essential. And De Buyer’s option is a first-rate choice. Made from blued iron to ensure durability and even heat distribution, it’s perfect for use in busy commercial kitchens.

Knife styled with tomatoes - kitchen essentials

Masterful Chef Knives

Knives are a basic building block of cooking. Without one, you’d be hard pressed to prepare any kind of dish. And with a mediocre one, you’d take your time doing so.

With a sharp blade and sturdy handle, a premium knife gives us complete control when slicing, chopping and mincing, reducing the risk of the odd finger injury. As with cookware, it’s best to invest. And, unless you want to spend an hour dicing an onion, it’s a good idea to purchase a sharpener too. 

Our Top Picks; 

Dick 1905 5 Piece Fully Forged Knife Set With Wallet 

If you need to replace your entire kit, Dick’s 5 Piece Fully Forged Knife Set is the ultimate kitchen essential. Complete with a chef knife, slicer, paring knife, boning knife and honing steel, it features the best from Dick’s popular 1905 range. Made from German stainless steel, it’s a unique and dynamic set for professionals. 

Vogue Tsuki Series 7 Chef Knife (20.5cm) 

Formed from two layers of steel, with an ultra-strong VG-10 core, Vogue’s Tsuki Series 7 Chef Knife offers impressive durability and cutting performance. Inspired by Japanese design, and fit with an ergonomic resin handle, it’s a must-have for your knife block. 

Victorinox Serrated Curved Blade Pastry Knife (25.5cm) 

A kitchen essential for bakers, confectioners and beyond, the Victorniox Serrated Curved Blade Pastry Knife provides exceptional accuracy when cutting baked goods. Swiss-made, and built with a Fibrox handle, it’s specifically made to resist slipping.

Scales among vegetables - kitchen essentials

Professional Utensils

Whether you’re a freestyler or a dedicated follower, every dish has a recommended ingredient list, method and cooking time. Professional utensils, from scales to sieves and measuring spoons, help us master these recommendations. 

As utensils form the largest group of kitchen essentials, it’s important they’re reliable, durable and – importantly – effective! 

Our Top Picks; 

Hygiplas Thick Low Density Chopping Board Set 

In the kitchen, we’re always working to eliminate cross contamination of food groups. And with Hygiplas’ Chopping Board Set, it’s never been easier. Colour coded to help chefs easily identify the correct equipment for each culinary task, the boards help to reduce the spread of harmful bacteria in the kitchen. 

Vogue Pestle & Mortar 

Constructed from high quality granite, Vogue’s Pestle & Mortar is specifically designed to speed up preparation time in the kitchen. Sturdy enough to withstand years of frequent use, this kitchen essential is indispensable in the preparation of herbs and spices. 

Salter Bench Scales (60kg)

Ideal for use in a busy commercial kitchen, Salter’s high quality Bench Scales are built with a separate digital screen for accurate readings and convenience. Easy to clean and fit with the option of mains power connection, they’re reliable and hygienic.

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