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Energy Saving Solutions For Catering

Energy Saving Solutions
For Catering

Energy Saving Solutions For Catering

With Oasis Catering Supplies

With utilities rising at a faster rate than ever before, we realise the importance of cutting back in your commercial setting. That’s why, at Oasis, we’ve highlighted some of the energy saving solutions for catering, that could benefit your business.

Energy Saving Cooking Equipment

In any commercial catering setting, cooking appliances consume the most energy. But with an efficient alternative, you could cut your usage by 40%. Up to 70% more energy efficient than gas hobs, induction hobs are a great alternative to standard gas and electric alternatives.

  • Lincat IH21 Induction Hob

    3kW. Twin ring

    £803.04 (£963.65 inc VAT)
  • Caterlite Touch Control Double Induction Hob

    3kW Double Ring

    £187.86 (£225.43 inc VAT)
  • Buffalo Touch Control Single Induction Hob 3kW

    3kW Single Ring

    £206.66 (£247.99 inc VAT)

Energy Saving Fridges

As fridges and freezers must remain on at all times, they use vast amounts of energy. Costing on average of £150 per year in electricity, they’re an expensive appliance to house. But True’s A-rated advanced insulation can substantially reduce your running costs.

  • True Double Door Undercounter Fridge TUC-48-HC

    Total usable capacity: 265Ltr. R290

    £2,423.37 (£2,908.04 inc VAT)
  • True 3 Door Counter Fridge TCR1/3

    Total usable capacity: 250Ltr. R290

    £3,535.05 (£4,242.06 inc VAT)
  • True 2/1 GN Upright Fridge TGN-1R-1S

    150W. Total usable capacity: 435Ltr. R290

    £2,857.62 (£3,429.14 inc VAT)

Energy Saving Bulbs

In any commercial setting, we can expect to spend much more on lighting than in the home. But with LED bulbs, we can save at least 75% on our energy costs, and enjoy the same powerful output as before.

  • Status Maxim LED GLS Bayonet Cap Warm White 6W (Pack of 10)

    Equivalent to 40W. B22

    £18.04 (£21.65 inc VAT)
  • Maxim LED GLS Edison Screw Cool White 10W (Pack of 10)

    Equivalent to 60W. ES fitting

    £16.98 (£20.38 inc VAT)
  • Maxim LED Candle Bayonet Cap Cool White 6W (Pack of 10)

    Equivalent to 40W. BC fitting

    £12.03 (£14.44 inc VAT)

Energy Saving Small Appliances

Running solely on electricity, small appliances also use a significant amount of energy. Even though they’re only active for short bursts of time, they can rack up bills of up to £100 a year. However, there are some energy efficient alternatives on the market which can reduce your usage by around 30%.

  • Rowlett Regent 4 Slot Toaster Quartz Grey with 2x additional elements

    Colour: Grey. 4 Slot

    £148.79 (£178.55 inc VAT)
  • Rowlett Esprit 4 Slot Toaster Jet Black w/ elements & sandwich cage

    4 Slot. Jet Black.

    £173.59 (£208.31 inc VAT)
  • Marco Water Boiler MT8

    8Ltr. Without water filtration

    £446.28 (£535.54 inc VAT)

Time Saving Catering Supplies

Efficiency also relates to your time. And in a busy commercial catering setting, your time is key. When you’re rushed off your feet, rely on a piece of equipment that can complete the labour for you.

  • KitchenAid Cordless Chopper 5KFCB519BBM

    Black. Cordless

    £110.59 (£132.71 inc VAT)
  • Buffalo Commercial Glass Polisher

    Material: stainless steel. 1200-1500W

    £651.28 (£781.54 inc VAT)
  • Waring Food Processor 3.3Ltr WFP14SCK

    600W. Capacity: 3.3Ltr. Single speed & pulse

    £450.91 (£541.09 inc VAT)

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As a trusted supplier with over 48 years of experience, we pride ourselves on excellent customer service and speedy delivery. We’re always on hand to take the pressure away from your busy schedule, and source the right catering supplies for your establishment’s needs, at a highly competitive price.

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